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4 New Counterspell 4 Double Negative 3 Negate 3 Jace Beleren 3 Day of Judgement 1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant 4 Ajani Vengeant 2 Jace, the Mind…

Started by Amidu

11 Dec 24, 2009
Reply by Amidu

EDH - get involved!

EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) has been gaining a bit of traction at the club recently. It's a fun format thats more like limited that const…

Started by Ben Titmarsh

39 Dec 12, 2009
Reply by Julian Dale

Time Sieve in Extended?!

In the spirit of janky Tier 3 decks, could Time Sieve be any good in Extended? There are a couple of spicey cards (aside from the obvobv c…

Started by wv

14 Oct 29, 2009
Reply by Raymond Wat

[Post Zen T2] Baneslayer Ascension - R/w Control

Hey dudes, In preperation for the up coming league, I'm trying to build a control deck. So far we haven't got anything REALLY great from b…

Started by wv

11 Sep 23, 2009
Reply by wv

"The Secret is Out: Grixis Control in Standard" by Gerard Fabiano

Clearly I'm just a bit too far ahead of the metagame.

Started by Thomas David Baker

2 Aug 24, 2009
Reply by Charlie Grover

Cudgel Control!!!

It's coming!!! http://forums.mtgsalvatio

Started by Thomas David Baker

3 Aug 23, 2009
Reply by James Mills

Why Triskelion?

I've been looking at Vintage decks on It seems that Workshop Aggro decks use the total brokenness of Mishra's Workshop (and…

Started by Thomas David Baker

13 Aug 15, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

PolyGenitus Sceptre (Extended)

So like, who doesn't want to play Isochron Sceptre + Silence, right? Well I fucking do, that's for sure. I saw something similar on MTGSal…

Started by wv

14 Jul 23, 2009
Reply by Dan Barrett

Polymorph combo (help me finish this?)

26 land (inc 3/4 mutavault) + 4 bitterblossom 4 ardent plea 4 spectral procession 4 polymorph 2 progenitus + 16 other cards (cmc 3+) Not…

Started by Dan Barrett

11 Jul 6, 2009
Reply by Amidu

Faeries for Reading PTQ

Right, so having learnt from grand master Zul how to actually build Faeries correctly, I want to play the following at Reading this weekend…

Started by wv

7 Jun 20, 2009
Reply by Gary Lynch


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