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SCG Invitational team sealed in Cardiff

Does anyone need one more player for their team because I am available?  

Started by James Mills

11 Sep 7, 2013
Reply by Thomas David Baker

"Wild West" Modern

Spotted on another forum: I wonder what the best deck in Wild West Modern would be if you unbanned everything What do you think the b…

Started by Dan Barrett

10 Sep 3, 2013
Reply by Marco Orsini Jones

There is nothing new under the sun

Another Towerfall card makes it to print ... Witches' Eye  Artifact — Equipment Equipped creature has ", : Scry 1." (To scry 1, look…

Started by Thomas David Baker

5 Sep 3, 2013
Reply by Paul Hodgson

Cardiff Mind Sports Festival (team sealed cash tourney)

Hi all, is anyone in London planning to drive to this? If yes, do you have an extra space in your car for me pleeeeeeeease? (For those who…

Started by Marco Orsini Jones

1 Sep 2, 2013
Reply by Nick Lovett

Cube Saturday Aug 31

Penderel's Oak 12pm. Let me know if you want in and I'll invite you to the FB event. Rock.

Started by Thomas David Baker

0 Aug 31, 2013

cube shenanigans

Good day folks   As I now have a house with actual space I was thinking about hosting a weekend cube event some time in October, so what I…

Started by Glenn Goldsworthy

1 Aug 29, 2013
Reply by Simon O'Keeffe

Cardiff PTQ this Saturday

Is anyone from London driving to the Cardiff PTQ this Saturday? I'm not paying £100 for a train ticket but would happily pay my share of pe…

Started by Roy Raftery

1 Aug 19, 2013
Reply by Nick Lovett

Milton Keynes PTQ on Sunday

Anyone going? How are you getting there?

Started by Thomas David Baker

9 Aug 16, 2013
Reply by Raymond Wat

Drafting the World Championship

 Yuuya Watanabe (2012 Players Championship winner)  Stanislav Cifka (Pro Tour Return to Ravnica winner)  Tom Martell (Pro Tour Gatecrash w…

Started by Thomas David Baker

106 Aug 12, 2013
Reply by Thomas David Baker

Fantasy Football

It's that time of year again. The Premiership will soon be upon us. If you want to play my Fantasy Football game or know anyone that does,…

Started by Thomas David Baker

16 Aug 8, 2013
Reply by Ben Titmarsh


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