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totem armor vs oblivion stone

so i have my sigarda of kill u quick totem armored up (lets say snake armor coz i need to win with as many cool points as possible) & a…

Started by James Fryer-Kelsey

2 Dec 16, 2012
Reply by Raymond Wat


What are the rules on notes in tournaments?  Example 1: Can I bring along a few hand written notes to a tournament, things like potential c…

Started by Simon Baldwin

9 Aug 16, 2010
Reply by Thom Richardson

a situation that didn't arise but nearly did

my opponent has that black specter dude who gets +3 +3 if you have no cards in hand.  i have no cards in hand but i do have a welkin tern a…

Started by ross miles

2 Jan 20, 2010
Reply by ross miles

Can you counter Reinforce?

As in Cryptic Command your Rustic Clachan. I guess not?

Started by Thomas David Baker

2 Jul 31, 2009
Reply by Mark Walker

Lion's Eye Diamond

How does one use this thing? Is it literally only when you know that you will want to cast the card you are about to draw? You can't announ…

Started by Thomas David Baker

4 Jul 27, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

Targeting and Activated Abilities

I know Sygg, River Guide can't give a pro-White guy pro-anything. Can a Bant Battlemage give a pro-White guy Trample? That is, is the col…

Started by Thomas David Baker

5 Jul 10, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

Fear Replaced By "Intimidate"

702.11 This is intimidate, an evergreen keyword that doesn't quite exist yet. A creature with intimidate can't be blocked except by artifac…

Started by Thomas David Baker

1 Jul 8, 2009
Reply by Tiff Leek

Algae Gharial and Board Sweepers

My board: Knight-Captain of Eos, 2 Soldier Tokens His board: Algae Gharial with 2 counters, Sprouting Thrinax My opponent casts Jund Char…

Started by Thomas David Baker

2 Jun 13, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker


If I'm playing 2hg and I cast fortify, does it do what it says on the card or something else?

Started by Amidu

1 Jun 8, 2009
Reply by Charlie Grover


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