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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

A player may attempt to conceal the names of any card in the history of Magic The Gathering in a proposal.  Once all players have voted on the proposal, the proposing player may announce the concealed cards and receive one bonus point for each.  If a player notices a concealed card, they may announce it ONLY at the same time that they cast their vote and receive one bonus point.  Note it is entirely possible that a proposing player may name a card without realising it, these are also valid for points.

If a player successfully conceals the card 'cheatyface' ( into a proposal, they receive 10 bonus points.  Note there are no bonus points for other players spotting this card.

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Ben scores ROUND((314 - 291) * (8 / 8)) (Rule 202) = 23
Everyone scores 2 points (Rule 302 + Rule 303) except Paul who scores 1 (Rule 302)

Proposal is passed. Paul is up.


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