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Kaboom! Panic! Fear! I wasn't expecting that. Duh!

I don't want to jinx the game so let's quash my previous proposal. Let's rewind. Let's heal the scars. I was a bit stunned by the reaction so let's undo my proposal and hush the dissenters. Let's call a truce. Can we revive the game? And remove the hatred?

Thomas Baker is officially known as "The Pariah". Other players in the game may spit at or curse him. He is banned from playing Flux with Dan. He may be arrested.

Hopefully that's better karma. My previous proposal is negated. Hopefully that can rescue the game. I insist that we repeal and remove the previous version of my proposal. It seemed to sicken you all and failed to nourish morale. I now have the insight to foresee that this would smother the bargain and is a misstep. I am a dumb ass. Apologies for the disorder and upheaval. Don't lose hope or retaliate but give me your blessing and let's eradicate this incendiary turn from our minds. I'm sure Ben and Kieran will get the last laugh. That's my conviction on which I stand firm. Back to tranquility!


Players named Ben Titmarsh or Kieran Symington cannot win the game, may not vote and may play no other part in the game.

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Wow lots of reactions to toms turn. Am gonna vote yes to new proposal and its within 24hours of the latest revision.
i vote no. like a good jessian lookout would.
4 YESes. 4 NOs.

Motion is not passed.

Kieran spotted 45/47 card names.

Missed card names were Heal and Flux.

Tom scores ROUND((316 - 291) * (8 / 4)) (Rule 202) - 10 (Rule 206) + 2 (Rule 314) = 5
Kieran scores 45 (Rule 314) + 1 (Rule 303) = 46
Everyone except Kieran and Tom scores 1 point (Rule 303).

Dan is up next.


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