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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Got a few bits I need to pickup... anyone has any of the following let me know, I've just put a load of extra cardboard in my trade folder so there's plenty of value in there...

Argothian Enchantress x 1

Exploration x 1

Maze of Ith x 2

Thoughtseize x 4

Green Sun's Zenith x 2

Avacyn, Angel of Hope x 1

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad x 1

Darksteel Ingot x 2

Path to Exile x 4


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Oh, and some number of Cavern of Souls. 

I'm certain I have the Paths, and I think I have a Maze of Ith too. If I can be bothered to dig out the Ingots from a shoe box you can have them too.

I have 4 caverns Russell, I'll bring them along tomorrow if I don't forget!

Apologies, I totally forgot to look for these last night.

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