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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hey hey,

So I'm not the type who's into buying and selling random concert tickets (because seriously, who wants to be that guy?) but I bought 2 tickets to Alexisonfire for the 3rd December.  Due to the retardation that is buying and scalping tickets in the UK, I have paid pretty stupid prices for these tickets.  I've only been in London since May, and I bought two tickets on the assumption that I would make at least one friend who also likes these guys and would want to come to the show with me.

Of course I would love to recoup most or all of what I paid for this ticket, which is £70.  Order of preferences being Full Paying Friend > Part Paying Friend > Freeloading Friend > Using said ticket as a pickup line > Selling on the night > Giving it to a hobo.

Soooooo....sup London?

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you always had the blondest hair

alternative answer: you drive red and i'll drive black. we'll see whose machine was recently serviced. we'll cut this line of goodyears like a knife.

Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to suscribe to your newsletter.

Bump?  It's on 7pm tonight.

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