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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

05/08/2011 - Effective Immediately

NB: M:TG tournaments will no longer occupy a venue alongside YGO! tournaments on Fridays.


The Games Club (Friday) will be held in Escape Sport Bar & Restaurant, 2 Lidlignton Place, London NW1 2JU.


The Games Club (Monday) and The Games Club (Tuesday) is not affected by this change of venue and will continue to be held in The George and County Hotel respectively.

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This will be a Magic: The Gathering only venue, with NO Yu-Gi-Oh!.

+1 - No pervading smell of BO

-1 - No jailbait to leer at

Jesus what's going on with all these venues Jason?  Things seem to have really imploded of late :(
It's a bar in Camden, I wouldn't be so sure about the lack of jailbait.

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