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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

just wondering if anyone is going on Sunday. I'm sure I saw something on their site that said it was 4 rounds plus top 9. I'm addiming that means its capped at 16 players?

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it is GPT for London (& yes, Im not Gary ;-). )
yeah, tickets available on thier website, if not sold out. Dont know how many of their own players already have tickets
have you got your ticket then, Gary? 
Just bought my ticket for this one online.  Apparently they can hold around 20-25 people in their shop so it's going to be a 5-rounder.  Any idea when it starts?

Damn, I shouldnt have posted, dont want to face good players :)


I see the start time at 11.

24 people in Dark Sphere?!?!?! I went to their last Legacy and they had 12 and you couldnt move! 24 is going to be horrible!

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