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Avacyn Restored pre-Release details Friday Midnight and Sunday Axion Comics and Cards Chesham

Hi all! Dan from Axion Comics and Cards here.

It's Pre-Release time again folks and this time there is a few slight twists!

The first twist is the helvault scenario that will be run through out the day. Shrouded in Mystery the contents of the helvault are unknown but for those who open this mysterious artifact, rewards await! Players will work on opening the helvault during the day and those that do receive it's rare contents!

...and secondly for those who wish to be amoung the first to unlock it's secrets,as well as the first to crack open some avacyn packs, we are holding a Mid-night pre-release event 00:00am Saturday!!!!

Below are details for both the events

click here to view the facebook event for the Sunday one and click here for the midnight one

We are offering a special entry price of £18 for Sundays event if you take part in the midnight launch so not only do you get the cards first, you also save money!

Saturday 28th April
Format: Sealed Deck (6 x Avacyn Restored)
Location:Chesham Cadet Unit (Directions located below)
Time: Registration opens at 23:30(Friday) for a 00:00 start
Entrance fee: £25

Sunday 29th April
Format: Sealed Deck (6 x Avacyn Restored)
Location:Chesham Town Hall
Time: Registration opens at 10:30 for a 11:00 start
Entrance fee: £25 ( £18 if you participated in the midnight event)

Only Avacyn herself knows the true prizes that await within the sealed helvault......but we will in addition be offering the usual prize pool of 2 Packs per player entered with distribution based on turnout.

All Participants will receive a Pre-release promo mythic rare!

Sunday's Event will also be awarding prizes for the highest under 14 years old finish.

For those who need a refresher oif what a sealed deck tournament involved click here:


Chesham Town Hall

The shop's address:

Axion Comics
40 High St

Tel: 01494 786965

Any questions or queries?


Dan Harborne
Axion comics & Cards

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Hi all,

The venue has been changed for the midnight launch. We shall be using the Chesham Cadet unit which some of you have already been to for a recent FNM. The unit itself is located behind the Elgiva centre and we recommend those who are driving to park in the centres car park. To find the unit simply head to the back of the car park( heading to the right of the centre building) and you will see a sign for the cadet unit. Below are some pictures to help you find the site.

Firstly the map has the high street highlighted in black and the walking route from the station in red.

Those driving the car park for the Elgiva is marked as A and has post code HP4 2HA

This one is going to be a lot of fun and we'll likely be the first people in the country to be opening a hell vault!

See you all there



Cheers for the update!

No probs! :)

HI all,

Just wanted to make an announcement about transport. I have looked into the tube troubles for the weekend and it looks as if there will still be easy access to Chesham via the metropolitan line. So anyone that was worried about this should be ok. Obviously i can't speak for everyone as where you will be traveling from will make a difference. My suggestion is to double check on the TFL website.

We hope to see you there. Any further questions? Please email or message me and i'll be happy to help!


Dan Harborne

Axion Comics and Cards

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend, but I highly recommend Chesham events to anyone who is able to.

Hi all,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for those that came to one, some or all of our pre-releases this weekend. I would consider all three to be a success and the feedback i am hearing is very positive. None of it's possible without a great group of players so many thanks!

I secondly want to send a thank you specifically to those who attended the mid-night event as this event exceeded all our expectations! as such though, it did have some logistical issues we needed to tackle so i appreciate everyone's co-operation through out the night. ( next time i will assume the need for a printer regardless of expected turnout :p ) For those who were concerned with the length of the event, in the future we are going to run the event as multiple flights within one Pre-release banner. Each flight will be caped at 24 players ensuring 4 rounds so it's a far less taxing finish time. We also will be aiming to be started much earlier. While this event had a new venue causing people's arrivals to be delayed, the venue will be familiar next time and should mean everyone arrives to start bang on 12pm.

Lastly i just wanted to remind people of two events this week:
   Our Standard constructed evening this Tuesday. Proxy cards are allowed and we will be running Avacyn Restored as legal. It's a great evening for those looking to test their decks out from the new format.
  On Friday it's the Release event which this time is a 2HG sealed event.A format that is always a lot of fun!

Both these events have their respective FB pages so check them out and i hope to see you all there!

Many thanks again.

Daniel Harborne

Tuesday :

Friday :


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