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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Anyone here going? I'm trying to work out if it's financially viable for me. 




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There's a load of the guys that went to Madrid going mate. Flying out on the Friday morning to Geneva and heading back Sunday night / Monday morning.
Despite having never played a sanctioned match of legacy (aside from modo) in my liffe, I'm vaguely tempted by this.  Is anyone booking a hotel?  If so how much would we be looking at roughly in travel and accomodation?

Last year flights were cheap and I turned up without a hotel booking. I slept in the hospital a&e waiting room the first night then met some canadians who let me sleep on their floor, that was cheap. Dave what's the situation with hotel room bookings? I am not averse to helping with the hotel bill in exchange for floor space. 


Ben it's definitely worth going to the trials on the friday if you can. The prizes are awesome and you get loads of practice with your deck. Most of the players there are total scrubs, some guy forgot to search me when he extirpated my iona and I was therefore able to 1-out him and some moron topdecked humility against me when facing a lethal inkwell (his name was waffle-taco or some shit...). Good times.

Hey again guys


I am sure we have some floor space for you slackers, maybe even a bed or two, if they are still free. Flights were £110 return on BA flying out from Heathrow getting into Geneva in time to get a taxi to Annecy for the trials on Friday and catching the last flight home on Sunday. Room was 180 euros for 2 nights, and we should be able to squeeze a couple of people onto th floor.

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