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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all


I would greatly appreciate if anyone could loan me some of the cards below:


4 x Garruk caller of beasts

4 x Craterhoof Behemoth

3 x Cavern of Souls

4 x Elvish Archdruid

3 x Wolfir Silverheart

3 x Burning Earth


I need these by Thursday night and I can collect at the games club / dark sphere and in or London from 17:00 onwards.


Any help would be much appreciated.






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I should have Archdruids Silverhearts and I think 1 Behemoth, maybe some Caverns idk if I got rid of them. I'll check tonight.

Thx dude! I only need one more archdruid. Jono

I dont suppose you have bonfire of the damned?

My top tip is to use Google docs for this. Makes it much easier.

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