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Hello, I have decided to brew a rakdos control deck and I want to know what people think.

Ok here it is:

2 murder
3 rakdos returns
4 sign in blood
3 ultimate price
4 duress
4 liliana of the veil
4 mutilate
4 vampire nighthawk
4 dreadbore
2 underworld connections
3 desecration demon

4 blood crypt
4 dragon skull summit
2 rakdos guildgate
13 swamp

The metagame here is simple. Thragtusk, mainly selesnya or jund so I wanted a deck that was good against creature decks. What do people think.

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If you're going to be running Keyrunes, what about a Demonic Rising as a mid-late game threat? Since you can always activate a Keyrune on an empty board to start it off again, you can basically make 10 power in flyers that they can't really deal with effectively. And it's way cheaper than Griselbrand or Army.

Maybe with the Demon and Olivia you don't need it.  Olivia gets better the more mana you have and dropping her and starting pinging is pretty good if you have 6/8 mana.

Some big men that don't do very much: Carnival Hellsteed, Chaos Imps

Bit more techy: Charmbreaker Devils, Harvester of Souls, Nefarox

Verrrry slow: Grave Betrayal

Adding a color: Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

I guess Griselbrand or Army is where it is at.

I mean I guess I could cut a removal spell or one or the other. I'm
Not against cutting a murder. I already have a lot of creature removal. It was kinda just there to support ultimate price as a way to kill non mono coloured guys at instant speed.

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