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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all,

Chasing these cards for tomorrow.

4 Celestial Collonade

2 Sphinx's Revelation

1 izzet charm

1 shadow of doubt

2 sowing salt

2 leyline of sanctity

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I should have a few of these, would need to check when i get home from work... i don't suppose you're passing by Hendon tonight though?

sure i have:

1x shadow of doubt

1x sphinx's revelation

would need to look for, but might have:

2x leyline of sanc. 

1x izzet charm

1x celestial collonade

Nah, I wasnt planning any countryside visits tonight.

If you're not coming to the PTQ tomorrow, I guess there's no point digging through cards :)  Thanks though.

Oh dear, I have just pulled all those cards out bar 1 revelation, but then found out that the PTQ starts at 11:15.

I'm playing games at the Waterloo around the corner at 11:30, I may be down a few mins before, but I cannot guarantee being there in time for the start!

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