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I want to try and numb the pain of the sadness around the Organised Play changes by hosting an 8-man Cube event on Saturday 26th November.


I've found a venue near Tower Bridge that charges £15 an hour for the use of a hall, tables and chairs - make no mistake, it's a pretty dismal venue but it will do the job.


All players will split the cost of the venue between them (so I'd say around £10 each), and anyone else who wants to come along to spectate will be asked to donate £2 toward venue fees. There will be no prizes for this event (unless all agree to pay a bit more and we buy a few boosters or something for top 3), and of course anyone is welcome to come and trade / hangout / spectate!


We'll film the finals also, to show the world that Cube is EPIC!!!


I see this as the start of what could possibly become the 'Cube Masters Series' - if there's enough interest, we'll do it again, bigger and better, and who knows what it might become!


Anyway, I need 7 players who can confirm attendance on Saturday November 26th and I'll make it happen.



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Guys, as it's PTQ Honolulu in Manchester next weekend on the same day as our Cube event, and I just wanted to DOUBLE CHECK that all of you who confirmed are still coming to the Cube Masters Series event on the same day as the PTQ.

Please flag NOW if you think you might not make it, as any last minute dropouts will ruin the event.

Confirmed players:

Phil D

Cube draft > going to Manchester for a sealed PTQ

I will DEFINITELY BE COMING to the cube draft on Saturday 26th November :)

I'll be cubing for sure :)

I'll be there dudes, bring it on!

Im there

I also will definitely be attending.

I will be coming to trade and watch. I will also be up for playing if someone couldn't make it.

Non-booster prizes mean more, especially if we can get some cool doodles on them - Nate?

Warren Vonk said:

More good news -


We are going to have prize support!!!


What would you guys prefer -


Foil Mystical Teachings for all 8 players

1st: Foil Sensai's Divining Top
2nd: Foil Gifts Ungiven
3nd: Set of foil Ravnica Signets




Foil Mystical Teachings for all 8 players

1st: Boosters

2nd: Boosters

3rd: Boosters



Non booster prizes please

Okay my Saturday has suddenly free'd itself up, so I may come along to watch. I'll also bring my cube for anyone really hankering for some games that didn't make the 8.


I'm also building a new cube that would be cool if people wanted to test it with me.

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