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I want to try and numb the pain of the sadness around the Organised Play changes by hosting an 8-man Cube event on Saturday 26th November.


I've found a venue near Tower Bridge that charges £15 an hour for the use of a hall, tables and chairs - make no mistake, it's a pretty dismal venue but it will do the job.


All players will split the cost of the venue between them (so I'd say around £10 each), and anyone else who wants to come along to spectate will be asked to donate £2 toward venue fees. There will be no prizes for this event (unless all agree to pay a bit more and we buy a few boosters or something for top 3), and of course anyone is welcome to come and trade / hangout / spectate!


We'll film the finals also, to show the world that Cube is EPIC!!!


I see this as the start of what could possibly become the 'Cube Masters Series' - if there's enough interest, we'll do it again, bigger and better, and who knows what it might become!


Anyway, I need 7 players who can confirm attendance on Saturday November 26th and I'll make it happen.



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I might well come on up for some beer and games

sokeeffe said:

Okay my Saturday has suddenly free'd itself up, so I may come along to watch. I'll also bring my cube for anyone really hankering for some games that didn't make the 8.


I'm also building a new cube that would be cool if people wanted to test it with me.

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