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I've finally got around to updating Cube Tutor!  It's only a small update but maybe you'll find it useful.  Please note that a lot of this stuff has only been tested in Firefox so I make no guarantees in other browsers yet (this will come if more people start using it).  For those who missed it, here is the old thread explaining what it's about:


- You can put cards on a watch list
- You can tag cards how you like
- You can mark whether the card is FOIL, NON FOIL, ALTERED or PROMO FOIL (for those like me who care about such things)
- Fixed an issue where the app was leaking database connections (resulting in the exception page on the first load after a long period of inactivity)
- Removed unnecessary side bar from the layout
- Lots of minor UI improvements

Make sure to hit the 'OK' button after making any changes (no proper Ajax just yet).  Unfortunately the column filtering that is in place for Name and Set does not work on the Tags column yet as this column contains text fields and not just blank text.  Once this is done it will make the feature particularly useful.

Coming Next

- A nicer way to upload cards!  The initial upload is a bit labourious with the popup
- Proper onChange ajax request - no more clicking that OK button
- More Analysis

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I don't have a cube but have the bgd the same thing, also sold or selling the rest of my cards so not gonna build a cube, happy to be a pikey and enjoy others hard wark.  I might over time build one a little like Kierans, but poss go a step further and go only creatures, it would be complete proxies but we shall see if I can ever be bothered

Minor update: added a graph to the analysis page showing what percentage of the cube is foil/altered.  I suppose this is only really for my benefit as I can't imagine Simon, Kieran or Tom using it but who knows?

My cube is ~ 36% foil/altered

Stop adding features that only you will ever use! It's almost as though you own the site!

Ben Titmarsh said:

Minor update: added a graph to the analysis page showing what percentage of the cube is foil/altered.  I suppose this is only really for my benefit as I can't imagine Simon, Kieran or Tom using it but who knows?

My cube is ~ 36% foil/altered

Ben.  I'm on Chrome on Ubuntu and I am getting:

An unexpected application exception has occurred.

    Render queue error in SetupRender[CubeBlog]: org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.TapestryException
    • CubeBlog (class org.playworks.cubetutor.pages.CubeBlog)
  • org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.TapestryException

Hi Thom,

This happens randomly after periods of inactivity.  I thought I'd nailed it but apparently not.  A refresh should sort the page out.  Will try to get to the bottom of it!

Thanks for the bug report.

Ben, you need to allow people to undo changes when they make a mistake in what got changed. I did it the other day and I couldn't get rid of the incorrect replacement so it went through as a change and I had to then delete the card from the cube later.

Also, it seems to let you replace the same card multiple times as long as all the replacements are made at the same time. I accidentally replaced one card with two!

Thanks Kieran, I will look at an undo facility in changesets.  In the meantime, if this happens again just log out and log back in again and the change set will disappear.

kieran your cube looks amazing, i really want to play it

More features!

- Added a cube index on the blog page so you've got quick access to the other active cubes on the site.  Kieran - you have "Complex Cube"(12) and "Kieran's Cube"(13), are they both active? Are you even able to edit "Kieran's cube"?

- Added a pie chart showing split of two colour guild cards on the Analysis page.  Kieran I thoroughly applaud your even split.  Simon - what the hell's going on?! ;)

Kieran's cube was a bit of a mistake which I thought nobody would notice. It's an old version of the current cube so it should probably be deleted!

I notice that when you copied over my list from "testuser2", it didn't overwrite the list for "sokeeffe", just added to it, so there are duplicates for a lot of my Green cards. Also when I try and login I get an error.

Regarding two colour guild cards, I don't adhere to strict symmetry for all colours, especially with regard to multicolour cards. My blue and white sections are ever so slightly bigger than the other colours, so their are less multi cards. Additionally I count lands in that "guild" section, so Azorious Chancery is in my UW section, but that isn't captured in the pie chart.

I do notice Geist of St Traft missing. I must have taken it out for a constructed deck and never put it back!

argh, sorry Simon.  I've removed the duplicates now.  I tested locally by moving this cube over to my account and was able to login ok.  Can you email me the error (copy all the text from the page)?


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