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Dark Sphere Legacy event (win 4 x Volcanic Island) and others

Just a heads up to fans of the Eternal format:


Time & Date: 12pm Saturday 19th November 2011
1st place: 4 x Volcanic Island
2nd place: 2 x Wasteland
3rd place: 4 x Black Bordered Swords to Plowshares

4th place: 4 x Black Bordered Brainstorm

Decklists, appropriate tokens, etc will be required. No Proxies. Entry £15 . Pre-booking recommended.

This is the first of what we hope will be many large scale Legacy events in London. Future prizes can change in the future according to feedback, and nothing is out of the question (incl. power). Frequency of events is flexible and will be gauged on the success of this tournament. We hope that you can spread word and help us create a friendly competetive (and most importantly, stable) Legacy environment in London.


We are commencing a fortnightly Legacy championship which is £5 entry fee into a grand prize pool at the end of the season. Full proxies are allowed to provide the best testing environment. Full details are available here at


In addition to this we're looking to start weekly Standard events on Thursdays with the usual Booster pool prizes. More info will be released soon as we release an updated calendar to cover the Christmas period.


Tournament prizes are subject to change but will be confirmed well before the arranged date.


Cheers all,

Mark Gunther

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Mills will be delighted

I am :)

things that delight Mills concern me

To be fair, Goblins was also good for about a month after Survival got banned.

The event had a decent turnout of 41 players and hopefully there are more the next time one of these happens early next year!


Top 8 Decklists are posted here:

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