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Darksphere Cube Masters Series I (Nov 26 2011)

I'm very happy to announce that DarkSphere will be hosting the first ever 'Cube Masters Series' in London this coming November 26th!

The finals of the event will be filmed and reported on MTGSalvation and other forums.

All are welcome to attend the event for trading, spectating and casual gaming at a small facility charge of £1.


Event Details


Name: DarkSphere Cube Masters Series I

Date: Saturday November 26th 2011 (time TBC)

Venue: DarkSphere Store (57 York Road,  SE1 7NJ)

Format: 360 powered all-set cube draft

Structure: 3 round draft followed by a 90 card Winston Draft for Semifinals & finals

Prize support: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (and all players will receive a participation prize)


Confirmed players for this event are:

Phil D




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Guys, please remember to let me know ASAP if you can't make it so we can find a replacement!!!

Hope to see you all there!!


Ah man, that would be sweet!

Ben Titmarsh said:

Wasn't worrying... had kinda hoped it would be a group exodus to your gig after the cube!

I remember when the legacy guys did the draft with The Dark/Legends boosters they had a list of backup people who would be next in line if someone dropped out.  May as well start up one for this just in case...

A question to the players - what would you prefer as a participation prize?


MPR Psycotog

FNM Fire/Ice


??  :)

Psychatog obv!

fire//ice! definitely fire//ice!


hint for mills: as much as it saddens me to say it, psychatog is unplayable now.

hint for mills part deux: fire//ice is very good

Fire Ice :)

You're gonna make Mr Smiley angry if you're not careful...


Philip Dickinson said:

Hint for mills: as much as it saddens me to say it, psychatog is unplayable now.

I think it should be Psychatog, because it has a normal sized picture. Then you can do this:



Then I could impress people with my attendance of this prestigious event.

Whoa whoa whoa,


Do you mean F//I or SOFI??


If you actually so mean Sword of Fire and Ice then I vote for that - I have a feeling that this might just be a type-o.

Warren Vonk said:

Psychatog - 2

SOFI - 3


Need moar votes!

I meant F//I...


Psychatog - 2

F//I - 3


My bad.

James Mills said:

Whoa whoa whoa,


Do you mean F//I or SOFI??



also what time are we starting this on sat?

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