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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I knocked up a first pass at this and it's now available at the bottom of the homepage.

If I get time I will jazz it up so it looks nicer and tracks movement over time, shows recent moves, etc. Or maybe I'll abandon it the day after tomorrow. We'll see where the whim takes me.

If you want to be included edit your Profile Questions by filling in your DCI number and checking "Yes" by "Appear in DCI Ratings Tracker?"

You won't show up right away but you will eventually.


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There aren't supposed to be people with higher limited ratings! I guess I need to actually start drafting again...
teehee, owned :)
This has been broken for the past couple of days Tom..
The tracker went down due to a hard drive failure a week or so ago. I just resurrected it. Changes-over-time tracking and other improvements may follow as time allows.
it still doesnt seem to be working - do we have to sign up for it again tom?

also i cant believe we both took all those cards to brighton and still didnt swap them back!
What's not working about it? Do you get an error message?
when i click on sign up it gives me this:


/profile/ Not Found


Powered by Jetty://
Well, that is a bug. Apparently the latest release has changed something about visiting profile pages. I'll ask the Americans when they wake up.

But the tracker itself is working and you are listed on it, so I'm not sure why you need that link!
OK so I dont need to register but the tracker still isn't showing up either on the tracker page or at the bottom of the main page all i get is this:

DCI Rating Tracker
Not listed? Get Listed!
Not listed? Get Listed!

DCI Rating Tracker was developed by a third party.
Internet Explorer-specific bug. Fixed. Bad browser is bad.
Working on IE, not working on Mozilla.

Incidentally, my limited rating as of Friday night - 1826!
My limited rating as of Monday Morning - 1751.


Thomas David Baker said:
Internet Explorer-specific bug. Fixed. Bad browser is bad.
Woot my limited rating = 1800.

Shame I didn't get it in time for the bye in Brighton. I wouldn't have had to play that douchebag in round 1.

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