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From the mothership :

"Under the new rules, any time two or more legendary permanents with the same name are controlled by a player, that player chooses one of them and the rest are put into their owners' graveyards as a state-based action."

So cloning or playing your own copy of a legend doesn't deal with your opponents, and similarly for planeswalkers, you can both have Jace giving you a helping hand.

Thoughts? I think this change has mainly been made to allow for more legendary creatures in the next block (mythic greek/roman heroes cries out for legends everywhere), so the impact is going to be mostly with older formats. Think Jittes on both sides, no more playing little Jace to nuke your opponent's JTMS etc etc

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Nathan is not happy.

kill all humans

I like the creature one, not sure about the planeswalker one yet (they're already quite powerful)

Pretty sure this is a good or very good change.

For planeswalkers where the ultimate is relevant you just lost an answer but for something like Jace 4 vs Jace 4  the player playing second would probably rather have a Jace than an answer.

For lands it's obviously on the face of it.

There are situations that get hilarious/awkward (dueling Jittes), cards that get worse (Clones as removal, which was always a weird thing to have happen), but overall I like this. It opens up some design space, stops some very 'gamey' rules things like the Clone thing, makes it feel less miserable to be on the draw and play your planeswalker/legend with ability second. It means both players are more likely to be able to actually play their cards and have them do what they're supposed to, which is something that they have been pushing for (and is generally a good thing.) It means they will actually start printing Legendary Lands again! Which would be awesome.

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