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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I felt this was a big enough feature to announce it on a new thread.  Draft cubes here:

Ben's Cube:
Simon's Cube:
Tom's Cube:
Kieran's Cube:

You can pick cards and you'll see them on the right as you do so.  You're actually playing againt 7 bot drafters who basically just force two colours each and take the occasional artifact/land.  Each colour will be drafted by at most 3 bot drafters so it kinda mimics what should end up happening in a real draft.  They pick at random a card from their colours.

As usual only minimal testing has been performed, please do report any bugs and let me know what you think!

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if europe sucks but the US doesn't for this type of thing but your user base is US you sir are golden, also I still have no idea why most europe stores don't really do this some don't even have prices on there site (yes it's annoying to maintain but I would have thought it does put people off buying from them)

Ben Titmarsh said:

Haha. AFAIK most of the European stores dont offer any price API so if you wanted to aggregate prices youd either have to get them to build one or get involved in the horrendous world of scraping.. Really interesting idea though. I think it would certainly be worth going down the geolocation route and providing region specific stores. About 80% of my users are American at the moment.


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