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I felt this was a big enough feature to announce it on a new thread.  Draft cubes here:

Ben's Cube:
Simon's Cube:
Tom's Cube:
Kieran's Cube:

You can pick cards and you'll see them on the right as you do so.  You're actually playing againt 7 bot drafters who basically just force two colours each and take the occasional artifact/land.  Each colour will be drafted by at most 3 bot drafters so it kinda mimics what should end up happening in a real draft.  They pick at random a card from their colours.

As usual only minimal testing has been performed, please do report any bugs and let me know what you think!

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Upheaval 2.2Release

Time for another small update. Since the Upheaval 2 release I’ve had a lot of feedback on the View Cube page so here are some more changes:

- Split Cards now honour their colour profile and don’t always go in the multi colour column.

- Lands are sorted alphabetically.

- Multi colour column is split on colour profile (Rakdos, Naya..) rather than card type.

- When there are no cards in a particular section, the header is no longer shown.

So here it is, Harmonize 1.0!  Cube Tutor finally has a dedicated home page for news, activity and dev blog updates.

New Features

- The activity feed updates in near real time, although to ensure performance there is a small amount of caching in place so you may have to wait a minute or two minutes to see your updates appear on the home page.  It currently shows cube updates, blog post comments and forum posts.  Once I’ve done more work on the drafting feature this will appear in the activity feed too.

- Dev Blog updates are linked to my WordPress blog so you can still check them out there if you prefer.

- Commander’s Arsenal added.

- Several new pimp types: Proxy, Classic, FBB and Miscut.

- Added a subtle line break between converted mana costs on the View Cube page.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where the browser would scroll to the top of the list after each update on the Edit List page.

- Any issues encountered when logging in (incorrect username or password) are now displayed properly on the login page.

As ever please let me know what you think on Twitter, via email and in the forums.  There will be several more Harmonize Releases in the near future.

Looks great Ben.

Sweet! Really like the homepage mate.

yeah, looks great ben!

Thanks Guys!

Harmonize 2.0 - Deck Building

From my dev blog:

So here it is, one of the most requested features that I’ve had for Cube Tutor, deck building! This was probably the largest undertaking in terms of development effort that I have completed on the site since launch. As ever I’ve only had time for limited testing so I would appreciate quick feedback of any issues that you encounter. To summarise

- If you are logged in you will now be redirected to a Deck Building page once your draft is complete.

- You can move cards from your sideboard to your deck, sort them by colour and converted mana cost and add some basic lands.

- Once you are happy with the deck you can give it a title and description then save it.

- You, or anyone else can share the deck using the link or via Twitter. Facebook coming soon.

- You can see your decks under ‘My Drafts’ in My Account.

- Here is the first deck to be built!

Bug Fixes & Minor Updates

- Fixed an ordering bug on the View Cube page and Visual Spoiler page (as reported by wtwlf123) where some cards were not in the right place.

- Fixed card images for all of the remaining cards with non standard characters (Dandan, Juzam Djinn…)

- Session Expiry now redirects you to the home page rather than my cube blog.

- Improved detection of Pauper and Peasant Cubes. Still some issues with cards like Triskelion and Savannah Lions to address.

Turns out drafting was a really good call!  Cube Tutor just hit half a million cards drafted..  That's 500,000 individual picks by a human... insane.


Is there any way to filter out Kieran's picks?

Oh man, we should do random cube drafts :D

Starting to really gain traction in the community now Ben! I thought it was really cool the other week when that portuguese guy was like "have you heard of cubetutor" and you got to reply "yeah, i made it". Time to start thinking about monetization...

Ben Titmarsh said:

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