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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

So, I have been employed by Magic Madhouse to do a new series of articles about Legacy. Here is my first one and I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad, on what you guys think:




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good article dave, we need more legacy players around here!


i wonder if parallax tide is good technology against hive mind...

I reckoned I would post here, with GP Amsterdam coming up. If anyone has anything they would like me to write about in upcoming articles, please let me know!


And Parallax Tide is a bomb, P1P1 in Nemesis drafts!

manaless dredge vs traditional dredge is probably an interesting topic, especially since dredge is pretty cheap (read: accessible to entry-level legacy players). obv other decks that are similar to standard decks (a la stoneforge.dec) are probably good topics too

New Article up guys, please read and discuss! Again, any feedback is good!


Don't worry Phil, you will get your Dredge article soon, I just have to bring myself to play on the darkside for a while!

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