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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Let's do this online on DT.

We can change the number of cards from four if we think the format is too well explored already?  Or maybe that doesn't matter as everything dominant gets banned quickly anyway?


Simon 18

Kieran 10

Charlie 10

Tom 7

Levi 7

Louis 4

Ross 0


Cavern of Souls
Force of Will
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident

Saprazzan Skerry
Fog Bank
Invisible Stalker
Force of Will

Sand Silos
Force of Will
Misthollow Griffin
Pact of Negation

Chancellor of the Annex
Calciform Pools
Mishras Factory

Slippery Bogle
Cavern of Souls
Leyline of Sanctity
Chancellor of the Annex

Leyline of Sancity
Chancellor of the Forge
Chancellor of the Annex

Talon Trooper

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Levi v Ross (WW)

Fog Bank blocks Talon Trooper.  Invisible Stalker does the business.

Tom 7

Levi 6

Kieran v Simon (??)

I can't work this one out.  You guys are going to have to help me here.  Does Simon get in for early damage or charge the pools?  Dismember gets Forced that much seems pretty obvious but can Factory win the race, or can Chancellor (7 mana) get there in time to block Griffin?

Kieran v Louis (WW)

Bogle is unable to race Griffin even though it cannot be cast until turn 6.

Kieran v  Charlie (DD)

The goblin has done (I think) 12 damage when Griffin resolves.  If Kieran goes on the offensive he loses (3/14, 6/16, 9/18, 12/20).  So he stays back to block and the game is a draw.

Pretty similar when Charlie is on the play only I guess he does 2 more damage before Griffin resolves.

Kieran v Ross (WW)

Talon Trooper is Forced.  Griffin beats down.

Kieran 13 + Simon result

Tom 7

Levi 6

Simon v Louis (WW)

2/2 beats 1/1 in race.

Simon v Charlie (WW)

- Chancellor of the Forge ability creates token.

- Mishra's Factory

- Pendelhaven, attack for 2 (2).

- Calciform pools.  Dismember paying 4 life (6).

Simon wins with Factory.

Reverse fixture is similar.

Simon v Ross (WW)

Talon Trooper countered by Chancellor of the Annex.  Factory beats down.

Kieran vs Simon
Kieran on the play:

Sand Silos
- Calciform Pools
Silos (1)
- Mishras Factory, charge Pools (1)
Silos (2)
- Pools (2)
## repeat until Silos are at 5 ##

Untapped Silos, play Griffon paying for Annex
- Pools (6)
Griffon attacks (17), Silos (1)
- Pools (7)
Attack (14), Silos (2)
- Chancellor countered by Force
Attack (11), Silos (3)
- Dismember Griffon dropping to 7, win with Factory

Simon 15 + Kieran result

Kieran 12

Tom 7

Levi 6

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