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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

San Diego flights and hotel booked.  Flying in Friday afternoon, flying out Sunday evening.  At the Omni (the hotel with the group rate).


Not sure who apart from Dan Royde who frequents these boards will be there but I will be there with my friend Jess from up my way and my colleague Nathan who lives in SD.  Let's meet up if you are going to be there.  +1-650-644-6537.  Same number for Worlds the following week where I am local.  I can translate American.  Top tip: "say WAHRDURR for water and TOMAYDO for tomato".  And the ground floor is the first floor.  And drive on the right.  That last one might be more important than the tomato thing.


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yup: but you can't tutor for wall of roots to start the combo off... so its a bit awkward. that's why you need armourer.


you can also kill with hissing iguanar + melira + the 2 R/B R/B persist guy.... is that combo better than the crypt champion one... I don't really know :S

That doesn't kill, you need a sac outlet. Nantuko Husk + Melira + Murderous Redcap. Both kills have 2 dud cards, but I think Saffi is better than Redcap.
Iguanar works fine - Redcap comes into play, shoots itself, dies, Iguanar triggers, persist brings it back with no -1/-1 counter, it shoots itself, etc.

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