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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Some lifetime sanctioned match records for me:

Steve Bernstein 5-5-1

Rebecca Bonfield 5-4

Martin Cullarn 4-5

Amar Dattani 4-5

Martin Dingler 5-2

Peter Dun 1-6

Geoff Fletcher 3-5

Charlie Grover 1-5

Bao Ho 2-9

Gary Lynch 7-7

Ross Miles 8-13

Jason Payne 7-2

Tom Reeve 2-5

Joseph Saxton 6-2

Kieran Symington 11-6

Andrew Tan 5-2

Ben Titmarsh 3-6-1

Raymond Wat 8-4

Wei Xu 0-8

If people care I'll put up an app to calculate these for you.

In your face Symington.

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It appears I should have kept playing Legacy (although a lot of draws!):

Legacy: Overall record: 50-13-11 Total number of matches: 74 Win percentage ignoring draws: 79.365079 Win percentage including draws: 67.567568

Also it appears I once won the Magic European Championship, but on deeper investigation this was actually a 2HG champs in 2006.
Paul Hodgson said:
Sweet, I'm a GP master or something...

Magic Grand Prix: Overall record: 21-13-0 Total number of matches: 34 Win percentage ignoring draws: 61.764706 Win percentage including draws: 61.764706

My GP win rate is 67%. Just sayin'.

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