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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi guys, 


Blatant plug for my local independent games shop, they're running their first pre-release event this weekend!


Heroes and Legends Games proudly presents it first pre-release for Magic the Gathering, in a 140 capacity venue!


For more information give them a call on 0203 258 0054 and have a chat with Jose, Guy or Jon.


When you order a ticket we will send a unique code out via email. This code will get you into the event on the day so please dont loose it or forget it.


You can also pay on the door if you wish but a prize draw is being held for pre order tickets only, the tournament registration will be at 10am on saturday the 9th July, in the OLI School Hall behind the church. 


Our Lady Immaculate:

401/403 Ewell Road





See you there,


The Heroes and Legends Games Team

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