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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Blood AND guts.

Upon proposing a rule change any player may challenge another to a hunting trip.


The proposing player selects an endangered species as defined below.  The two hunters both draw and post a picture of a dead animal from that species within 72 hours. The other players then have 24 hours to vote on the best picture.  The player with the most votes wins and has most efficiently eradicated their species.  

The successful player will earn 15 points as stated in rule 305.


List of endangered species

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Ross did more actual drawing, i vote for him
I thought I could at least rely on a sympathy vote from the similarly-artistically-retarded.

Gary Lynch said:
Both are cool but I vote for Ross
I got it. Tiff is just slow.

ross miles said:
please remember i am colour blind - finding a brown on paint can be a little tricky. the pink thing on the floor is a stool that the camel was standing on before he hung himself
Tiff Leek said:
halp what is the pink thing.
I also back Ross' picture - it's actually quite good for something done on paint!
Here's my hunting attempt for my challenge:

Let's see what you've got Leek!
oh bugger i forgot.

erm hang on.

i vote for tiff because i think i'm being killed in kierans picture!
Actually, your head is on the spirit performing the killing. Hence the caption.

ross miles said:
i vote for tiff because i think i'm being killed in kierans picture!
I love it. Definatly voting for this.
Tiff Leek said:

Vote for Explorer's Boots and use of the phrase "nut high". Unfortunately attached to Kieran but that can't be helped.
We have a tie between Gary and Tiff. Someone vote and split it up!

I challenge Dan naming the Stellate Sturgeon (attached to my proposal 329). I'll make a new thread for the drawings and voting.


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