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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi All

Just wondering who all is coming for the event? I will there defending my "crown" or should I call it my, drunken halo!


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Jono I will be there and hope once again to see you pass out in a dubious late night establishment

How about the Platinum Lace???

was a high class place, Phil only know's the best places

Glorious event.  I'll be at the Iron Man but sadly I have to skip the Loveys as I am a craven coward.  I may kick around and watch the madness until it becomes dangerous. 

Tom, you dont look like a coward. I am sure you can hold you own!

As I never tire of telling anyone, last time I played in the Loveys I was x-0 and sitting at table 1 waiting for my opponent (who had removed his trousers a round or two earlier) when the judging staff called the tournament off because they were too drunk.  My missing opponent was somehow declared the winner ahead of me on tiebreaks.  Gary Lynch had earlier caused a previous round to go 45 minutes longer due to an endless drunken (on all sides) judge call which I'm pretty sure was my undoing.

But I am an old man and nearly killed myself last time I got drunk so I have to skip it sadly.

the key to the loveys is not the winnings it's stories and there have been a few over the years

I have a train to catch a bit after this starts, so I'll just hang around and drink/cube between crashing out of the Iron Man and then. At least this year is in a bar so there should be beer available from the off!

Drinking *before* the Keith Loveys seems like a surefire way to end up in hospital.

I once decided it was a good idea to watch the footy at 12.45 and start drinking, this lead to 1 of us leaving durring the draft, myself and Ben lasted till round 3.  This was not a good idea in the slightest but rather funny

Thomas David Baker said:

Drinking *before* the Keith Loveys seems like a surefire way to end up in hospital.

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