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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi All,

just a note to say that we are running the same event as last year - The King of Christmas Magic this Sunday 11th.

Three Daws from midday.

Cost £10

The way it works
You pay one entrance fee and you can play magic all day long.
8 player events kick off as soon as they are ready.
The formats available will be standard, modern and legacy. I've encouraged the local players to bring 1 of each so that we can have a large amount of diversity.

Prizes will be foils, festive pies and possibly some chocolate plus the overall winners (we run a league table for the day) will receive boosters as per a normal tournament.

More details can be found at

PLUS I will be trialling some new equipment that I will be using at GPs next year to run Public Events. It is a paging system that should make it much harder to miss the start of your event.

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Anyone else going to this? I think I'll go although if someone can lend me a standard deck that would be awesome!

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