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What do you guys think of these decks using the new unbanned cards?

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The so called "Footsteps of the Hulk" version of "Flash Hulk" gets a new twist but I don't think this deck is a major troublemaker. It could go off on turn 1 or 2 pretty easily but it's very much a belcher-like kind of deck. Either you stop it turn 1 or die. 4 FoW will be a nuisance but the chances of getting everything so quickly are not that big.
The "Dream Halls" deck that appeared before in Vintage using the combo of massive tutor effects via Dream Halls - Conflux and a number of multicolored cards to keep things going is now a part of Legacy as well, that's right. I foresee it to be a worthy opponent, may be just a little less reliable as Hulk. No idea how it would affect the metagame in general but the combo seems pretty potent.
There's still reanimator with turn 1 Akroma that we have to worry about now. Entomb might also enter Dredge-type decks including both Ichorid Dredge and Narco Dredge for turn 1 LED - Entomb Troll - Breakthrough for 0.
That's my forecast for Legacy considering the changes in ban list. Any other ideas?
I do not think much of either of them, but that is as it is on paper, maybe once I have played against them I will feel differantly, the Hulk deck may be a prob but I think they will both die to control ( well I hope so), we will have to wait and see.


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