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Just wanted to let you guys know about two events we've scheduled!


National Qualifier - Saturday 9th April

The format is Standard and will be based on Swiss Pairing, the top X (where X is one for each full 8 that enrolled) will be qualified for Nationals! 


The event is being held at Hennessey's (near Aldgate tube station) where we have hired the whole venue especially for the occasion. 

Places are limited and can be bought from the website or from our London shop. Prices are £15 and includes a light buffet lunch and a two booster per person prize pool. There will also be side games. 

London Grand Prix Trial -  Sunday 17th April

The format is Sealed and will be based on Swiss Pairing followed by a top single elimination 

Places are limited and can be bought from the website or from our London shop. Prices are £32 and includes a two booster per person prize pool. 

Tournament begins at 12


Any questions then please give us a ring (0207 928 7220), email us via our contact form (this is going to be revamped in the next version of the site) or pop in and see us (find us)


 Tickets available from our website


Best wishes,


The Dark Sphere Team


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A while ago WotC introduced minimum standards for venues, not sure what happened to them.


Maybe someone from the company would care to comment on yet another failed dictat?

Yeah that time we went to mk was sweet.

Dan Barrett said:

I think it must be said at this point, that save one or two rare exceptions (i.e. pretty much just Milton Keynes), every time I go to a non Games Club Event, anywhere in the UK, it seems crap in comparison. That's even including experienced TO's, not just picking on the new guys here. 



look nothing will ever compaire to the mighty nottingham event where they had people using the toilet lid as a table.

I guess 1 of 2 things happen either they make everyone pay the £5 for food or they just increase the entrance price to be able to afford to run the events?  I understand that running tournments at the mo is increadably painful and you all have my deepest sympathies.  I enjoyed the event and would happily turn up to the next one and would hope that Dark Sphere learn from this experience

I took part in the Heroes and Legends event in Tolworth at the weekend, we had 50+ people turn up, the hall could have accommodated another 80+ people easily, the venue had plenty of parking and the competitors were spoilt for choice with regards to budget and type.


Registration kicked off at 10:00 on the dot, first game started just after 11 and everyone was out by 7.


Snacks and drinks were available thorugh out the day

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