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have any of you guys/girls got a tips for M12/SOM drafting.

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Red and Bloodthirst is the best strategy in M12.  Max out on Berserkers and other Bloodthirst creatures and add  any one drops that can do damage, including/especially that goblin that pings players only.  Note: I basically didn't play that format.

For Scars you want to be in Infect if no one else is or only 1 other is.  It's not the end of the world to have a split Infect/non-Infect deck but it's obviously not ideal.  Myr Battlesphere is beyond ridiculous.  The 6 mana enchantment that gives your guys Lifelink and Double Strike can pretty much win the game from any board state.  Razor Hippogriff is a boss.  Oxidda Scrapmelter is very strong.  Removal (for artifacts, or creatures, as they are most the same thing) and evasion are good.  That X pump spell can win the game out of nowhere in Infect.

Neither of these formats are very fun, IMHO.  I probably think that because I was terrible at them so take my advice (such as it is!) with a pinch of salt.  Probably my two least favorite draft formats of the last five years.

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