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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I have tons of RTR packs and the all-new combo cube described by Martin Dingler as making normal cube look like core set draft.

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Yep, going on for a long time after that.

Penderel's Oak, 283-288 High Holborn, Holborn, WC1V 7HP, United Kingdom

Any point brining boosters when I do come along?

Just to say, combo cube was awesome, needs to be done again

Yes, good work all.  I very much enjoyed combo cube and also Bring Your Own Standard.  The less said about my graveyard cube deck the better :S

Originality points to Louis for his WB sacrifice combo deck.  Winning points for Max for seeing Sulfuric Vortex and realizing that the quest ends there.   White Weenie did have the equal-winningest record on the day so maybe no points for anyone, though :)

I'll bring combo cube to the Sheffield PTQ for people that are going to be there.  We played it in dead times at the Cardiff PTQ and it was fun.

We should also arrange a Build Your Own Block (less cards) for some time soon.

Combo cube was awesome, especially enjoyed piggybacking on Dan's storm count to Brain Freeze him out. Do think that the utopia lands make the mana too good, there's probably space to experiment with that a bit as I'm not convinced by the "taking them out makes high tide bad" argument.

Having read his article explaining why they came to be used in it, I see it would be worse without them - it would be impossible to hit the mana costs necessary most of the time.

Everyone has to play U, probably UB, all cards like Early Harvest are basically unplayable.  Various of the combos cease to work so a bunch of the cards for them would have to be taken out.  Various of the cards become bad (Worldly Counsel).  I'm sure there is such a thing as a combo cube that is a little less powerful than this one where you use basic lands and nonbasic lands are part of the draft but I don't think it can be this one.

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