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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I have tons of RTR packs and the all-new combo cube described by Martin Dingler as making normal cube look like core set draft.

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If we try and make Vintage decks don't we just end up with 43 power cards and a few islands and some random other cards.

We *could* pick a format that is genuinely not known like CHK-CFX-DIS and make decks for it?

Combo cube is like drafting Vintage so you may like that.

Much as I love making decks, there are so many cards available in Vintage that it's going to be impossible for people who know nothing about the format. Modern would be far easier for scrubs like me to make something for...

Okay, we'll do you still want to play Vintage anyways?

My order of preference is:

- Combo cube

- Make Your Own Block

- RTR draft

- Vintage

- Some other cube

But I don't see any reason why we can't do most of those in the course of a day that starts at 10.30.

I'll bring cubes, packs and a Vintage deck (or decks if I can find my old proxied Oath and Workshop decks).  The only open question is ... is anyone else going to make a deck for randomly determined three-set block to play? :)

I have randomly determined ISD ODY 5DN GPT CFX SCG M12 for build your own standard, if anyone is interested

Block is better ... Standard is soooo many cards.  Also if there is a joke here I didn't get it :)

Edit: 1300 cards in your version Louis!

M13 also as second core set
You can ignore most of the cards, plus better mana = more fun. I'm fine with block though

Alright, alright, we'll do it your way.  As long as you haven't secretly seeded some crazy combo with your set choices.


Bring your deck(s) on Saturday!

It is random, but there definitely are combo opportunities in those sets :)

i have so much vintage technology to try out. been talking to nathan about how sick Remora seems in this meta, for example - imagine hybridizing a remora/drain deck with gushbond! also want to try different splashes in WIZARDS'N'CLERICS.dec

Don't you mean Sperling-esque hatebears

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