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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I have tons of RTR packs and the all-new combo cube described by Martin Dingler as making normal cube look like core set draft.

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I'm not doing BYOS as I'd need a full day of to make a deck for it, but i'll proxy up something for vintage today.

I can turn up at like 4ish.. will people be around for a while then? Also if I send someone my decklist for BYOS can it be printed off for me? I have 0 printer access at uni

I'll print your BYOS Charlie if you email it to me today.

Spent my lunch hour cutting up bits of paper, I now have a vintage deck with several configurations.

Will doubtless still end up proxying some things I've forgotten tomorrow though!

Will try and proxy up a BYOS and a Vintage deck - Tom will need to provide backing cards and sleeves, though.

I will bring lots of said substances.

Dont worry baker Louis is sorting it out for me :)

i still have a bunch of work to do even now so i don't think tomorrow is feasible for me anymore. just figured i'd mention that just in case people wanted to know numbers/attendance for cube/draft/etc

I've got some errands to run first thing, should be done by 10 so can get there for 11:30 or so. Will bring legacy and something vintag-y if I can print it out and cut up tonight

Am interested in the BYOS, and was looking for something to do tomorrow, so  if I can work out a deck I may be there

Come even if you don't Max.  There will be decks and RTR draft etc.  Same goes for all the lurkers!

So the meetup is 1030am, in the pub that's between holborn and chancery lane?

Thomas David Baker said:

Come even if you don't Max.  There will be decks and RTR draft etc.  Same goes for all the lurkers!

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