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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all,

organizing a few games at mine this weekend if anyone is interested - Ravnica drafts are on the agenda (i have 2 boxes, welcome to grab some packs off me or bring some of your own)- in addition to a general good stuff cube (WTF cube, Proxy'd)- if you have another cube you are of course bring this along!

Location is Hendon- just by the Hendon Central tube station, quick note that there is a (completely harmless) dog at home, if that's not your thing.. :)

Anyone up for it?

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There's some people chatting on my "Games in Holborn today?" thread about Saturday (Paul, Dan B and Dan R).

Hendon is 30 minutes from me so not a big deal but we might think about Penderel's Oak instead to cast our net as wide as possible?

I have a lot of RTR packs and (at last count) five cubes I can bring.  The latest (combo cube) is pretty sweet.

Personally might have to pass on another venue, as there's no one else at home and i can't leave the puppy by himself for the day; understand though if a more central location is preferred. Hendon's still on the table will follow the other thread and see where the discussion goes. 

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