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Hi all!

The Magic Madhouse Forum is now live! If you want to check it out, head on over to and register an account. We're going to be adding things like an Event Calendar to our Social site in the near future as well, which should make it easier to find information on London events quickly. I hope to see some of you over there :)

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What's wrong with this forum? ;-p

I'll have a look and add it to my list of Magic sites to visit. Hopefully my list won't grow that much longer...



There's nothing wrong with this forum! I will still be posting here, and I hope everyone else does. What Demonic Tutor does, I doubt an official MM forum will ever be able to do as well, but equally we do need our own forums. For example, there are events that people organise on here, like Warren's cube thing, that will probably always work best on a smaller and more familiar forum, and having DT here as a relatively unmoderated social space isn't something we could, or would want to compete with. On the other hand, if people do want to organise something that could benefit from a wider audience, we'll be happy to try to help out.

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