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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

So it turns out I really enjoy this standard format so much so that I'm willing to travel to Manchester next sat to play. Is anyone else thinking about going? 

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I definitely would Jim but I only land in London on the Thursday.  If I miraculously recover from jetlag and develop an overnight understanding of the format then I'd come.  5-4 with UG Delver at the Channel Fireball PTQ did not convince me but if people have stopped playing Naya Blitz (?)  Or maybe I could bring this spicy number that won Ohio Spring States ...

there's a standard tournament in chelmsford on sunday with a box of modern masters as the prize... might be worth considering james as its significantly closer than manchester!

Chelmsford Massachussets?

I am going. Intending to head down on Friday evening.

I'm going!  I'll be there Saturday arvo to see who's winning and then playing the WMCQ Sunday.

e:  I'm also looking to mise a car seat for the way back on Sunday night, if I end up doing well enough to miss the last train.

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