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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Who else is planning on attending this?


Wanna catch a train with me from Euston?






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China gets 1 PTQ for this PT, its next Saturday.... time to steal a different country's slot for the UK for a change ;)


I know its a bit late for this PTQ... but for future reference:

@DanR: I love travel preparations, as I said somewhere in an earlier post... not sure where.... its like a very powerful equipment card.


A couple of other cards I have been impressed with:

Cobbled wings: The ability to grant flying is very important for green and red in this format as there are a lot of fliers. In the G/x mirror this ends the game very fast.


3W 2/2 -> 5/4 trample guy. This card is a) very easy to flip, b) a solid attacker without flipping, c) a big creature in a colour that lacks big creatures, d) a human (so immune to a lot of white removal). I took the 3G 3/3 morbid boar in my first draft over this, and was pretty unimpressed with the boar, whilst this tabled (it was deep pack, though lacking in first pick calibre cards). After playing both, I now take the boar pretty late (5-7) but this a lot earlier (3-5th, just below the priest and bonds of faith in white)


One card I dislike:

Corpse lunge: A lot of the creatures in this format are quite large, but they start small. Think transform creatures, morbid creatures, angry mob etc. This means that its often quite hard to kill anything relevant with this. It also doesn't kill key enablers like deranged assistant early enough. Even if my deck was seriously lacking removal, I would probably not consider it, unless I wanted an sb vs. infinate avycynian priest.dec. I probably rate naturalize higher (as a powerful sb card that is ok md as a 1 of, a bit like plummet in m12).


One card I've found to be a lot better than expected is laboratory maniac (yes I know its a rare, but I've done 11 drafts in this format for a 31-0-2 record and somehow managed to draft him twice, both times late). I think the fact he is a good says a lot about the format.

a) A 2U 2/2 is actually good. Blue decks want to be creature heavy for their reanimation guys and it blocks a lot of the aggressive early drops in white and red.

b) Removal spells are almost all sorcery speed in this format or combat tricks, so a fragile 2/2 in other formats becomes a valid kill condition, especially as blue has a few common ways to draw at instant speed. This means that cards like avycyn priest are a lot better in this format than otherwise, as you can almost certainly rely on them to tap a guy, even if your opponent has a removal spell. I would take priest over bonds of faith for instance, whereas in m12 I would normally take pacifism in uw or ug (althouth lawkeeper in wb or wr)

c) A solid blue deck can mill itself out quickly enough. At common, you have occultist, and assistant as repeatable sources of graveyard *card advantage*, and forbidden alchemy will take 1/4 of your deck, whilst skaab will take 1/8th. There are also many ways to reanimate a singleton out of the graveyard.

That was a very amusing read on how not to draft this format. Level?

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