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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi guys, 

I'm going to this big Milan thingamibob later this month. Amar is sourcing a Legacy and Vintage deck for me (no doubt some of you are already assisting, thank you very much for that!) but I am short a modern deck. I would really like to play jund since I am really good at cascading so figure I should play to my strengths. Yuuya's list or Beasley's list from Columbus would be awesome. I have like 2 bloodbraids but other than that I am short the entire deck, so if anyone could hook me up I would be really grateful. The event is like 20th to 23rd september. I will be in London to pick up decks at some point between now and leaving, and I will be straight back up to drop decks after using them as well. I'm also far too obsessive about looking after decks to lose them, and far too toned, muscular, and crazy-looking for anyone to try stealing one off me. 

Love you all longtime 


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So I have narrowed down what I need to the following;

4 dark confidant
1 seal of primordium
1 olivia voldaren
3 petrified field
1 undiscovered paradise
1 bloodghast
1 Golgari Thug
1 Ingot Chewer
1 Sun titan 

Any help with any of this would be awesome xxx

I've got bobs

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