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Anyone interested in Modern or RTR Draft or Cube (or all three?) at Penderel's Oak (Holborn) on Saturday from midday?

So far I have Louis, Jonathan and me interested.  Anyone else want to get us nearer to 8?  All welcome!

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I could probably play in the early afternoon, but have another engagement from around 4pm.

My preference would be cube of some sort.

We can always start at 10.30am in Dan Barrett style?

Possibly around tomorrow, though it's my office party tonight so I might be incapable of getting up in the morning.

I can probably get there from 11.00 onwards.

Happy to play anything.

(some quick games of modern would be nice so I can try out my deck a bit)

Well, I am up for whatever.  Mr. Royde says he can swing by in the afternoon for a draft.  Ana says she may come by.  That's 6 or 7 in the mix but I don't feel like we have a solid plan yet!

Louis/Simon - do you want to meet me and Jonathan at 11?

Kieran - let us know if you survived when you wake up!

Will be there more like 11.30ish now, train got cancelled :/

I'm not going to be able to make it unfortunately :-(

Too little time to get all I need done, and still have a reasonable chunk for playing.

Louis and i are running late too. You might be te first Jonathan!

Good work team.  Discovered today that I hate Pod, Twin, Affinity, Tron and Jund.  Thinking of playing Kibler's deck that he lost every game with at the last GP ...

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