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What do I play?

I'm thinking about GR Tron just because I have most of the cards and it beats Jund (does it?)  Seems better to spend 60 quid on completing that deck over 200+ for Affinity/UW and 500+ for Jund?  Just lose/hope to nut draw vs combo?

Anyone have 2 Karn Liberated and 4 Oblivion Stone they want to trade?

What are you guys going to play at Chesham?

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Pretty sure I should have won that game where you Ghost Quartered yourself.  Hurrying too much again.

jund and wu, anything "fair" that will try to sb in hate against you and can't kill you quickly

I'm up for this, I have  5 Oblivion Stones if you want to borrow them Tom and are feeling cheaty

Thomas David Baker said:

Does anyone fancy "Modern Testing Day" on Sat 15th in Penderel's Oak?  Or some night this week coming?

play 8 just to be on the safe side


First time poster here, I am a returning mtg player who mainly drafts, and am trying to get into Modern. I have been collecting bits for an affinity deck and haven't given it a try yet.

Would it be ok to come along on the 15th if it happens? (and what kind of time would it start)



It would be a-ok Jonathan, yes.  We usually start around midday.  Let me make a new thread and see what interest is like.

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