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The Phyrexians have overthrown the valliant Mirran defences... But the war is not over...

The Father of Machines is coming!

Hi All, Matt from Axion Comics here with details for the Axion Comics New Phyrexia Pre-Release.

Sunday 8 April
Format: Sealed Deck (3x Scars of Mirrodin, 3x New Phyrexia)
Location: Chesham Town Hall
Time: Registration opens at 10:30 for a 11:00 start
Entrance fee: £22
The coveted Axion Comics pre-release trophy and the usual prize pool of 2 Packs per player entered, distribution based on turnout.

Also prizes will be awarded to the highest finishing under 14.

Promo to every participant while stocks last

Side events will take place,drafts at £11 are most common but other sides can be organised to meet demand. While stocks last side events will have entrance promos!

Each player will be awarded with a free Starbucks tall hot drink for entering.

Also with our special side quest going on through-out the day,any participant has a chance to win more prizes regardless of main event performance!


Chesham Town Hall

Five minutes from Chesham Train Station, at the end of the metropolitan line. Travel from Amersham can be arranged with us if the line is down.

The shop's address:

Axion Comics
40 High St
Tel: 01494 786965

Any questions or queries?

Phone: 07986598252

Matt, Axion Comics


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