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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

A few random observations.

* Yay impromptu ironman drafts.

* Well done Eduardo for winning the PTQ including epic 2.5 hour Delver mirror quarter final against Marco Orsini-Jones and then Top 8-ing the WMCQ the next day.

* Well done Carrie for winning the thing.  The UK team looks pretty strong to me.  Anyone know what was in her deck apart from Dungrove Elder and Forests?

* Best defeat of the day was me playing Matt Light in what had been a close game 3.  He played Restoration Angel in my Declare Attackers, targeted one of his tapped Phantasmal Images (copying Geralf's Messenger) which undied as a 4/5 surprise blocker and target his other tapped Phantasmal Image (copying Messenger) turning that into suprise 4/5 blocker too, eating my entire team and swinging in next turn for the win.  Boo!

* Why were there nearly 50% more people for the PTQ than the WMCQ?  Eligibility?  Sunday is the morning after Saturday night?  Start time?

* London was so severely underrepresented that it was like we don't exist.

* Louis needs to stop playing terrible decks.

* Dan needs to learn how to be nice to people instead of just jumping up and down and frustratedly insisting that they do what he is so thoroughly convinced is the right thing.

* Magic player hygiene *still* needs work.

* James Mills is a living legend.

* Some people care about 9th place.

* Mist Raven is very good in ironman.

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I will try, perhaps I was a bit wrong and it was fun in the end ;)

i played terribly in the main events, but enjoyed the weekend nevertheless.

I was also quite surprised at the drop off in numbers for day 2. I guess the world cup thing is less attractive to people than an 'actual' pro tour slot?

from what i saw of carries deck during top 8 it had some combination of elves and birds, swords, strangleroot geists, wolfir avengers, dungrove elders, wolfir silverhearts, green zeniths and revenge of the hunteds.

Seemed a pretty good choice with so much uw delver around.

lists here

i didnt even consider making the trip becuase i wasn't Q'd for the WMCQ

Thanks Thom!  Not being Q'ed is kind of an excuse I guess :)

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