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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

The Games Club will be holding an invitation only testing day on 15/08/10 at the County Hotel from 11am till late.


All members of The Games Club (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays) that have already qualified for Nationals are automatically invited to participate, additional players may be invited someone that is already invited (see below).


Everyone attending will receive an exclusive polo shirt (to wear whilst attedning Nationals), access to less than half price (timed or untimed) Magic 2011 Booster Drafts, special offers and the chance to be sellected to represent The Games Club in the Nationals Team Competition and possibly win a whole display of Boosters.


In additon to the above there will be a full colour proxied version (sideboards will be B/W) of every Standard legal Top 8 deck published on from coverage of Nationals held since the release of M11.


Plus, Magic Madhouse will be attending so you will have the chance to make some last minute purchases prior to Nationals.


Each person attending is expected to contribute £10 towards the cost of producing the proxied decks and providing the venue. Invited players need to confirm their participation and polo shirt size before 13/08/10.


INVITATIONS (confirmed in bold)

Amar Dattani (Qed) - M
Andrew Buchanan (Qed) - XL
Benjamin Lei - L
Ben Titmarsh - M
Charlie Grover - L
Dan Barrett (Qed) - L
Daniel Merritt (Qed)
Daniel Royde - L
Daniel Waine - L
Gary Lynch (Qed)
Gihan Bandanranaike (Qed)
Gilbert Luciano - S
James Mills (Qed) - L
Jason Howlett (TO)
Jason Savage (Qed) - L
Jon Burland (Qed)
Kieran Symington - XL
Larry Devis - 3XL
Nathan Gotlib - S
Nicholas Lovett (Qed) - M
Nils Noffmann (Qed)
Paul Chalder - M
Paul Hodgson - M
Paul Naicker - L
Paul Young (Qed) - XL
Peter Dunn (Qed)
Quentin Martin (Qed) - S
Raymond Wat (Qed) - M
Rebecca Bonfield (Qed) - M
Robert Stanjer
Simon O'Keeffe (Qed) - S
Stuart Wright (Qed)
Thomas Reeve (Qed) - L
Thom Richardson - L

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Can I get a Large shirt please?

I'm still almost certainly not coming, but I need something to wear while I LCQ
I think Peter Dunn is planning on coming, I notified him of this via Facebook and he seemed keen...
As I have realised that I can't go by the sizes of my US-bought clothes, I would like to change my shirt to an XL if it is not too late :-/

Also I would like to bring a Quentin Martin and possibly a Stuart Wright with me (Stuart to be confirmed.)
As agreed I am telling you again the size top I require!!!

Large top please.
Hi Jason,

I was on the list at one point, but I seem to have been taken off..? Was invited by Dan and i'll take a medium shirt please.

Ben Titmarsh said:
Hi Jason,

I was on the list at one point, but I seem to have been taken off..? Was invited by Dan and i'll take a medium shirt please.


Sorry, Ben, this has been fixed.

I was trying to edit the page on an iPhone, which resulted in the removal of a whole bunch of people.

I thought I had put everyone back on - obviously that wasn't the case.
Hi Jason, I'm going to come along to this after all.
Could I have a L shirt please.
I would like to change my size to large please - I have been eating lots of pies in the last few days...

Amar Dattani said:
Sounds awesome - I'm there! I guess Polo Shirt size Medium.
i invite daniel waine to tomorrows event.

a bit of last minute :(
Jason, when you gonna send out results of this?

Also, can't wait to get my shirt - you must make sure to take some "team pictures" !!

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