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Old School Ravnica Draft Event - Sunday 23rd September - Players Needed!

Hi folks,

I'm going to run two or three RAV/GPT/DIS drafts at Penderel's Oak in Holborn on Sunday 23rd September from 12pm.

I figure this is a good way to get in the spirit of things for Return to Ravnica!

I'm taking sign ups here so I know roughly how many packs to prepare (I'm going to use full color proxies not real cards as product from these blocks is prohibitively expensive).

There is no entry fee and everyone is welcome.

If I get a lot of sign ups I'll come up with some kind of multi-draft structure with some kind of prize.

If you can only make it at a certain time let me know and I'll do my best to accomodate.

Want to play?

1. Tom

2. Simon (?)

3. Amar

4. Phil

5. Kieran

6. Russell

7. Ross

8. Maor

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I should be good for this, although my wife gets back from 3 weeks in Asia just before, so we will see how much free time I have :-)

I'm in - although I've forgotten how to draft that block.

It was awesome though!

i'm game!

I'm up for it. I've never played it but I hear it was great.

Are you going to print one of each card cube-style or somehow generate boosters with multiples?  Don't think that I can make this date but will get back to you!

I'm in, sounds good. Just in case people wanted to do this for real, I could do provide actual boosters for about £15/head.

I'd pay £15 to a Rav block draft with real cards...

I would be happy to pay £15 to get the real cards - though it seems like it could be a bit of a waste if not many people turn up!

Agreed, would only want to do this if we had at least 6 people (team draft) or 8 people (normal draft) coming.

@Ben - I'm generating real boosters with multiples.

@Russell - I think I'd rather play with real cards too at that price.  Do you have them already or do you need to source them?  If you have them already then bring them and we can decide on the spot.  I went ahead and printed and cut 3 x 8-man draft set proxies but they still need trimming and sleeving and of course they aren't as nice as real cards and you don't get to keep them.

We have 6 yeses currently so it seems like we're on one way or another.

I'm in too ... Real cards or not

i should be good for this as well

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