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Online Survey: Topic: Old Card Design vs. New Card Design

Hi to ALL

we've launched an online survey concerning the following topic: Design of MTG-Cards.

This poll consists of only 5 very simple questions (Checkbox clicking only) - so it'll take you less than a minute. We would be very happy, if you would participate in this.

Link to the poll:

What's the purpose of this? We'd like to carry out a small inquiry concerning the players' attitude/opinion about the design of MTG cards. Many players started to play MTG a long time ago and are "old hands". Some of them might prefer the style of the old cards. On the other hand: players who started to play MTG recently might prefer the new design anyway. We want to put that into numbers ... so we created this poll. This survey will be online for exactly one month. We'll publish the results here - and of course we'll email the result to WOTC. So: thank you for your support in this - have a lot of fun!

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I find this survey really odd.  You can't think there's any chance of this happening?  And I'm not sure why anyone would feel strongly about this.

Do you have any examples of (3) where you feel the art is too computer-y?

yeah i thought this was kinda weird too - i prefer the old frames to the new but i don't think they could/should/would change back to them

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