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Hi All,

just contacted WotC and they have acknowledged that there was a problem with my mailout of players rewards. However, from discussions in other forums I believe this problem is fairly widespread. If you have received a mailout recently and it appears to be wrong. You need to contact - Wizards Customer Service.

You might like to repost this to other forums that you are a member of.

The process is very simple.

Go to
Login or register and login if needed.
Click the EMAIL US tab at the top of the page.
Fill in the form telling them your problem, giving your DCI number and what you actually received.

You will then be presented with an auto answer that bears no relation to your question - I hate this... it's so stupid.

Wizards will then start the process of sorting out your problem. It usually only requires them to reply to confirm that it is or isn't wrong and then correct the issue.

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This is a reward for people playing in lots of sanctioned magic tournaments. There's no need for it to be iconic or anything like that. The idea is for it to be an actual reward.
Maybe iconic wasn't a good word to use.

There is some cool factor that links wrath, damnation, and cryptic.
The two before those were hypnotic spectre- which had just been reprinted after being out of print for a very long time and was being hyped quite a lot; and Dr Teeth- certainly "iconic"

They want the card to be recognizable/ famous. I assume because it helps to get people who don't play very many tournaments to play more. It has to be a card that that sort of player wants and will go to more competitions to get. We, who play all the time, wouldn't really play any less if there weren't rewards.

Given that, I don't know what they should choose, Lightning bolt fits very well, the only problem with it is that it's a common.
Hm, sorry, not familiar with the system... Tried to solve this out myself but utterly failed. Can you guess how many tokens I should get, judging by this info?
Magic Rewards

Current 12 7 1 12 12
Sent 8 8 1 - -

Wonder how it works... Thank you in advance...
I'm just really surprised they haven't used Maelstrom Pulse as the textless foil yet.
@Jim - Here's an explanation of what it all means: or just google for "tokenset wizards" and you'll get a bunch of explanations.

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